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Appointment System for American Citizens Services

All routine services are provided by appointment only. While it is possible to have several services performed during the same visit to the consulate, you must make separate appointments for each service and each individual. Persons without an appointment will not be admitted for routine services.

You will receive application packets and notifications via email, so please register for your appointment using a frequently used email address.

Your appointment is important to us, and we strive to provide high-quality, efficient service to the thousands of U.S. citizens in our consular district. Failure to appear for your appointment, or making multiple duplicate appointments, negatively affects other U.S. citizens in need of consular services. Please cancel your appointment online at least 24 hours before your appointment time if you do not plan to appear. Applicants who do not appear for their appointments, or who schedule multiple duplicate appointments, may be barred from making future appointments without direct correspondence with We reserve the right to cancel duplicate appointments without advance notice.

Please note that you will not receive email confirmation of the appointment. You must make a note of the date and time for your appointment. You should also take note of the appointment password. You will require the password if you need to cancel the appointment. No record of your password is kept at the Consulate.

In making an appointment, we ask that you review ALL INFORMATION  relevant to your specific service, including necessary documentation, fees, and processing times. Doing so will ensure that your appointment is a productive one, but will also help us improve our services overall. Incomplete applications will require an additional visit to the consulate, which creates delays in processing.

To access the consulate, please bring a printout of your appointment confirmation and your passport for identification. You will need to bring a second ID written in English to give to the consulate security guards to access the consular section.

Note: An appointment is not necessary for passport or report of birth pickup during regularly scheduled ACS hours, but U.S. citizens must bring a print-out of their e-mail pick-up notification and pick-up slip with receipt and old passport, if applicable. An appointment is also not necessary if you have been issued an Incomplete Application Letter (IAL), which you may use to return with the information requested during regularly scheduled ACS hours.

Please choose one of the following categories for information on making an appointment:

  1. Passport Services
  2. Extra Visa Pages
  3. Report of Birth Abroad for a U.S. Citizen/Apply for a child's first passport
  4. Notary Services
  5. Social Security Number Application

If you have a need for an American Citizens Services appointment, and your category is not included above, send us an email at Include in the subject line "REQUEST FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION," state your inquiry, and we will respond with further information.