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Important Information for Your Appointment

Please note: U.S. visa processing posts in Saudi Arabia no longer accept family passports.  Each individual applying for a U.S. visa must have his/her own passport.  All visa applicants between 14 and 79 years old must appear in person for an interview and will require an appointment. 

For information on how to schedule an appointment, please visit our Non-Immigrant Visas page.  If you need to schedule an emergency appointment, please log in to the appointment website and follow the instructions to request an emergency appointment.  We make every effort to accommodate applications with medical emergencies, students and business travelers, but cannot accept all emergency requests.

Do not bring mobile phones, other electronic devices (portable computers, iPods/iPads, eReaders such as Kindles or Nooks) or large bags with you.  These items are not permitted inside the Consulate General; you will not be permitted entry with these items, and bringing them may delay your entry or bar you from attending your visa interview. 

Please arrive no more than fifteen minutes before your appointment time to clear security.  If you arrive more than fifteen minutes before your appointment, you will be asked to remain outside the entry gate.  Applicants who are more than thirty minutes late for the appointment will be asked to reschedule for another day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Appointments